Please join us on our journey to explore current affairs and future possibilities related to leadership in our educational organizations.  You have been invited to join this effort because of your interest in the field of education and leadership, either at the P-12 or higher education level.  Whether you are a student, a faculty member, a researcher, or all of the above, you have unique perspectives of the issues and challenges we face in promoting and advancing student learning.

What do we need to make education more responsive and effective to promote student learning?.  To begin, we need educational leaders who can critique, integrate, and synthesize what we read and practice.  We need leaders who challenge others and who do not simply stand by while our systems falter and fail.  We need leaders who are grounded in ethical behavior. Most importantly, we need leaders with accountability who can and want to make a difference.

So weigh-in on these and other issues that interest you.  Please be candid, creative, and reflective in expressing your opinions and thoughts.  All aboard!

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