A call for the next phase in the resistance… A blog post

Check out this blog post provided by Dr. George Sharp:


The author certainly identifies some of the current challenges confronting teachers and leaders in reforming our educational systems. Are we the ‘adults in the room’ when it comes to reform?

What do standardized tests actually test? Washington Post Blog

I received this message from Dr. George Sharp:

“I really like the article (blogged by Valerie Strauss and by Marion Bundy) that the link below will connect you to. I connect with it because I think and believe in the same things, especially the two points made in the last paragraph. When you have the chance, take a look at the link and article. I offer it for your consideration for the blog. It offers a relevant topic for leadership reflection and clarification of values and beliefs with regard to the purpose of education. It might also help to illustrate what we mean when we say ‘marginal revolution.”

Do you agree with the content? How does it impact leaders in their various roles?

Check out this blog link: