Dan McCarthy Blog Post- SmartBlog on Leadership- 7 elements of a compelling leadership vision for change

Check out this post from Dan McCarthy regarding leadership and change.

7 elements of a compelling leadership vision for change

In the post, McCarthy cites leadership expert John Kotter.  If you recall a particular piece of Kotter’s work, Our Iceberg is Melting, you know how important the change process is and how easily we can get off track.  This is particularly true in education.  Are our educational leaders adequately mastering the seven elements noted in the post?  Does your school or organization have a vision?  Do you have a “BHAG” as part of your vision?

John Maxwell Post: Are Leaders Examining Themselves?

It’s important for us as leaders to regularly take a look at what we’re doing and our motives for doing it. This recent post by John Maxwell captures the essence of this important aspect of leadership. Check it out. When’s the last time you took time to reflect on what you do and why you are in a leadership position?

The Most Important Question a Leader Can Ask

Getting Teachers more involved in School Decisionmaking


This blog post by Peter DeWitt provides solid information for school leaders to consider when thinking about teachers belonging to their educational communities.  These issues have an impact beyond the immediate classroom.   Do you as a leader, or the leaders of your school, involve others in the decision-making process?  Does it help or hinder student learning?