Welcome to the Marginal Revolution

Greetings to all.

My name is Josh Eckersley and as Dr. Marchetti mentioned, I will be assisting with this site and I will be sharing some of my thoughts on the exciting world of both educational and organizational leadership.

I am currently a graduate student at Stockton and will have earned my MAED as well as my principal certification by the end of the Spring semester of 2016.  I have plans to immediately enroll in Stockton University’s new Ed.D program of which I hope to be in the company of many like-minded educators who wish to gain more knowledge and skills for their practices.

Additionally, I am a fourth year teacher at Central Regional Middle School teaching eighth-grade Pre-Algebra.   I am very heavily involved in my local association and have recently been asked to join as the only member from Ocean County on the NJEA Working Conditions committee as well as most recently to fill a vacancy as an alternate on our Delegate Assembly.  I have also testified in front of the state Board of Education, lobbied legislators and senators at the Capitol building in Trenton and rallied at various events across the state for the well-being of the members in our profession.

I very strongly encourage you to be active, get involved, contribute and participate in the discussions that we will inevitably be having on this board.  On behalf of Dr. Marchetti, myself and the administrators on this blog, we welcome you to the marginal revolution.

Blog Update!

Over the next few weeks, you will notice a change in this blog.  As the title now suggests, we have expanded the concept to include leadership beyond the educational realm, particularly organizational leadership.  We will be expanding our posts to include topics relevant to leadership across interdisciplinary settings.  As many of you may know, we are launching a doctoral program in Organizational Leadership at Stockton University beginning Spring 2016.  If you haven’t checked out our webpage, visit www.stockton.edu/edd.

Also, we have added a new administrator for this blog, Josh Eckersley, who will be sharing more about the site, his role and interest in leadership, and helping with blog administration. We’ll be extending invitations to those interested in our Ed.D. program to follow the site as well.

Thanks for following us and have a great day!