Evaluation Models

With the beginning of a new school year in full effect, now is an excellent time to think about teaching practices and teacher evaluations.  It suffices to say that teachers need to be held accountable in their profession.  However, with so many different models of teacher evaluation methods across the state, (Danielson, Marzano, McREL, Stronge etc.), it brings up a wonder if they are actually working for the betterment of our teachers and staff. Is there consistency amongst these models?  How can teachers across the state be evaluated fairly when the very models being used contrast?  Are the differences small enough to warrant equitability amongst teachers?

Please share what type of model your school district is employing. What is the general consensus amongst your staff in regards to the evaluation model being used?  Is it being used to effectively measure teacher practices?

Keep in mind the challenges that administration faces when putting an evaluation model into practice but also be sensitive to the genuine concerns of the staff as a whole.

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