Seeking Feedback

Many of us go through the stimulating corporate exercise of an annual evaluation for our employees.  Reviewing their prior year achievements and challenges, then discussing goals for the upcoming year. What this article highlights is what most leaders are missing that will bring leadership to new heights –seeking feedback from employees.

As leaders, we not only need to motivate, coach, and provide effective feedback to our employees, but we also need to continually work on improving ourselves.  One of the tools leaders have the ability to utilize by simply pursuing it is feedback from employees as well as peers.


  1. This article starts off with … As a manager, you’re likely accustomed to telling your reports what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and how they can improve their performance.

    I would suggest that managers may tell but leaders ask thought provoking, reflective questions during the performance appraisal process. The art of becoming a conversationalist distinguishes managers from leaders.

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