Leading with Strengths

I came across a powerful message today in regards to practices of leading and managing.  I have been a leader for a few years now and a few points in this video really made sense to me.  Knowing yourself as a leader is important and utilizing your strengths can spur growth.  Listen to what Marcus Buckingham has to say about it…



  1. I think it’s also important to not just know yourself but knowing others well on your team. The relationship of knowing people’s strengths is of benefit to the team as a whole. No “I” in team but there is an “I” in win, and if a team wants to win, the collective can work from their strengths!

  2. Awesome video. Putting aside the myths are so important-1st myth-as you grow you change; 2nd myth-grow the most in the areas you are weak in; 3rd myth-put aside your strength and what is needed for the team. Insightful and if we learned to grow our strengths and work on our weaknesses, I think we would be better leaders.

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