Nationally Recognized Leadership Effectiveness Speaker, Dr. Dick Daniels, to Speak at Stockton Seaview Feb 3, 2017

As the first in our leadership luncheon/lecture series, the Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership Program at Stockton University, the School of Education, and the Graduate Enrollment Office are presenting Dr. Dick Daniels, a well-known international leadership practitioner.  Dr. Daniels will be speaking at a luncheon at Stockton’s Seaview Resort on Friday, February 3rd, 2017 beginning at noon and lasting until 1:30 p.m.  For those of you interested in attending the luncheon/presentation, there is a cost of $35.00 per ticket.

Here is the link regarding his presentation and information to reserve tickets:

I’m sure tickets will sell out fast as we only have one hundred available.

Congratulations Sergeant Nicole Nelson!

Check out one of our Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership students, Sgt. Nicole Nelson, Hamilton Township Police Department.  Sgt. Nelson is utilizing her leadership and communication skills working with community engagement and education programs.  Way to go!

Is our american educational system broken?

Check out this thought-provoking article from The Atlantic regarding what is happening in our educational system:

Do you agree?  Your thoughts?

Communicating effectively?

This blog post by Elizabeth Doly provides some useful information for organizations concerned about effective and responsive communication. As Doly suggests, “when leaders engage with a willingness to be influenced, others are more open to being influenced”.