Half-time Huddle

As we close out the first half of the year, it is time for a half-time huddle. This should be a time of reflection and preparation. Reflecting on the past six months and preparing for the next six. During your time of reflection, purposeful inquiry should take place. Inquiries that identify specific actions and outcomes -failure and success. Strategies that were utilized or removed. Taking time for purposeful inquiry will give you an awareness and understanding in order to prepare for the next six months.

Based upon the completion of your reflective inquiry, there should be an understanding of actions and strategies required in order to achieve the results intended for the next six months.

In sports, the players along with the coaches gather together for  a half-time huddle. This is additional time set aside to review failed and successful plays. It allows the players to recharge in anticipation to head back on the field stronger and rejuvenated to play the last half. During this huddle, there is a realization that what may have been anticipated prior to the beginning of the game may not have come to fruition and what strategies need to be develop in order to accomplish a win. A review of barriers and challenges that may require an adjustment in the playbook in order to set the players up for a successful second half. There may be a shuffle in positions due to implied assumptions that are not accurate. At anytime, there may be a change in climate that the players may not have originally anticipated.

What does your half-time huddle look like? How many players or coaches are assisting you with your playbook evaluation? Even though it may be your vision, the assistance of others brings in a new dimension, different perspectives that you may not have identified or realize alone.

Some questions to assist you with your half-time huddle:

  • Did you accomplish goals or on your way to achievement?
  • Have you been derailed and require a recharge? If so, what derailed you and why?
  • What barriers or challenges did you encounter and what is the possibility of encountering them again?
  • What strategy shifts are required to achieve goals?
  • Are you on the right “field” with the correct “players”?

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