Is our american educational system broken?

Check out this thought-provoking article from The Atlantic regarding what is happening in our educational system:

Do you agree?  Your thoughts?

Customer Service

We all experience frustration when we receive poor customer service.  Leaders are being challenged to ‘walk the line’ between efficient and effective delivery of services versus getting the message communicated in a cost effective fashion.  This article points out the concerns regarding poor customer service and the role social media and technology play in the marketplace.


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Engaging Your School Community Through Social Media

Social media is a touchy topic to touch for today’s administrators.  It was once said to make all educators abstain from it due to its negative reputation, but lately it has become not only a great way to keep parents and students in the loop, but also a requirement for some districts.  This blog, shared by Howard Stribbell, shows many of the great and helpful ways to utilize such social media formats as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, your school webpage, and much more.